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Anderson and Gow

What we know about this image :

Taken in the early 1960s, this is Anderson and Gow General Dealer on the corner of Hart Lane and Thornhill Gardens. The shop must have had a delivery service at this point as there is a bicycle with a large basket on the front out side the shop. There are five types of cigarette advertised and a large window display of Kellog's products in one window. Before 1920, the garage (later Leeming's Garage now demolished) on the opposite corner was owned by Harry Bailes who was a specialist in tractor repair. At that time, the garage was on the very edge of Hartlepool with a number of farms very close by. In 1920, he apparently bought the shop on the photo and the land next to it was a tea garden. It then became a garage supposedly having the first petrol pump in West Hartlepool. Today, both the garage and shop still exist although the garage is used for car repair and servicing.

Date (of image) : 1960

Donor : Hartlepool Library Service

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