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St. Joseph's Girls Convent school uniform

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Convent uniform donated to Hartlepool Museum by ex-pupil Pat Wormald (nee Daley) who attended the school 1965-70. Her Parents bought the uniform at Grieveson's in York Road. The winter uniform at the time was a brown pinafore-type dress, a cream blouse, a tie and a brown cardigan. In summer, dresses were either bought or home-made using the same distinctive material which was mustard and brown patterned. The dresses had a white collar.

In the 6th form, girls could wear a skirt rather than the pinafore dress. All girls had to wear a brown bowler-type hat. In addition to the brown uniform, girls had to have a white triangular mantilla trimmed with lace which was part of the uniform when attending church.

Date (of image) : 0/12/2015

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service


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